Wipedisk for RedHat (RHEL) 7 and CentOS 7

Allegro continues its commitment to produce quality software utilities for modern operating systems by releasing WipeDisk for RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 and CentOS 7. WipeDisk, a utility to erase or wipe clean a disk drive, meets the most stringent data security requirements, as established by the Department of Defense. Please see our WipeDisk for Linux page for more information.

Allegro releases new MPE utility XSCHEMA

For most of MPE’s history, customers have relied on third-party commercial products such as Adager, DBGeneral, and our own DBHTML as the means to “decompile” Image database root files into human-readable schema text files. We’re happy to announce XSCHEMA as the latest addition to our extensive catalog of free MPE utilities. XSCHEMA produces database schema files compatible with MPE’s DBSCHEMA utility.

SYSLOG utility has been enhanced!

Allegro’s SYSLOG tool, which has for many years given MPE/iX system administrators the means to adjust system logging parameters, has recently been enhanced to provide the ability to adjust network logging parameters, as well. Previously, for example, one could configure the next LOG#### number. You can now configure the next NMLG#### number, as well as the next NMTrace file number.

Announcing ALLOWALL

We are happy to release ALLOWALL, yet another highly useful utility for your HP 3000 system. ALLOWALL gives the current job or session the ability to execute system OPERATOR commands that would normally be restricted either to the OPERATOR or to the system Console. ALLOWALL is available for download on our MPE Freeware page.

Allegro Expands Data Migration Offerings

Allegro is pleased to announce a significant expansion of our data migration offerings. Previously, we have provided customers with the means to convert legacy TurboIMAGE databases into a number of target formats including Eloquence, CSV, HTML, and XML using our various utilities such as Rosetta Store, DBHTML, or DBCSV, as well as customized migration processing tailored to individual customer needs. We now support a variety of SQL based target formats including MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. offers up MPE/iX freeware

Those looking for MPE/iX ports of Open Source software that were formerly hosted at HP’s “Jazz” and other sites will appreciate which promotes itself as “being your one-stop shop for all available Open Source packages ported to the platform, lots of freeware programs and scripting, and loads of tools and information to keep your 3000 system alive and thriving!”. Currently the site offers an updated all-in-one package of the components required to implement the sftp Secure File Transfer Protocol on MPE/iX 6.5 or later. This package includes Perl, the Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC), as well as GNU tools, SSL, SSH, and required dependencies.

MPE/iX Patch News

Although HP no longer provides technical support services for MPE/iX, they have recently clarified their position regarding patches for the venerable OS. All patches, including beta patches, are available for free to anyone, even to those without a support contract with HP. So you can come to Allegro for MPE support, and go to HP for patches. Details on the program are available at HP’s e3000 transition page.