WipeDisk for Linux

WipeDisk is a Linux program to sanitize (aka erase or “wipe” clean) a disk drive. Versions for MPE/iX, MPE/V, HP-UX and Mac OS X are also available.

PLEASE NOTE: Allegro Consultants, Inc. is NOT responsible for any data loss you might incur as a result of running this program. This program is DESIGNED to erase all of the data on hard disk drives!

The only way to guarantee a disk has been wiped is to use a product such as WipeDisk.

The default WipeDisk wiping method meets 1997 DoD 5220.22-M standards for clearing (wiping) disks.

WipeDisk has four modes of wiping:

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DoD 5220.22-M National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) January 1995
Department of Defense – Department of Energy – Nuclear Regulatory Commission – Central Intelligence Agency
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