Beyond RISC!


An Essential Guide to Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture

Beyond RISC! is a guide to PA-RISC and the HP 3000 computer system. It was written
in 1988 by Steven M. Cooper, Jason M. Goertz, Wayne Holt, Scott E. Levine, Joanna L. Mosher, Stanley R. Sieler, Jr., and Jacques Van Damme. Edited by Wayne Holt.

Although slightly dated, the majority of the book is still a useful reference to PA-RISC and the HP 3000. The most obvious change since the book’s publication is that HP has changed the name HPPA (Hewlett-Packard Precision Architecture) to PA-RISC.

The book is about 340 pages, paperback, and even has pictures of the authors!

Beyond RISC! is out of print, but a few copies remain and can be ordered for $25 from, or by contacting Allegro Consultants, Inc. at (408) 252-2330.