Solaris Support

Allegro offers Sun/Oracle Solaris Operating System Helpdesk Support on SUN, Fujitsu, and other supported hardware platforms. Helpdesk Support includes assistance with installing and updating Solaris “named releases”, general configuration assistance, “how-to” questions, troubleshooting help, and system administration advice.

Supported versions of Solaris include Solaris 10, Solaris 9, Solaris 8, and Solaris 7.

Our Solaris experts have many years of experience in real-world customer environments, and they understand the pressures you face when a system isn’t working, or when you need someone to help make sure you’re doing the right thing the right way.

Our software specialists will collaborate with customer and/or third-party application support staff as needed to isolate problems with the Solaris operating system. This reduces “finger pointing” and simplifies the customer’s responsabilities. The goal of our support staff is always to return a system and associated applications to production status as quickly as possible, and working directly with all involved parties is the shortest path to that goal.

Patch provisioning will continue to be available to customers via a direct relationship with Oracle/SUN, and our Software Support will assist in the application of patches, as necessary. However, we are not able to obtain patches or Solaris updates for customers from Oracle/SUN; licensing agreements must be directly between Oracle/SUN. Additionally, new versions of Solaris need to be obtained directly from Oracle/SUN, as applicable.

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