The following shows a run of DBCSV on a database called "JF01": The above run produced one CSV file for each of the five datasets. The last dataset, AR_TRAN, produced the following CSV file: Note that the first line contains the field names because the HEADER option was requested. (The names in the header line do not align with the following values because sometimes the width of an item name has no correlation to the item field width.)

The leading zeros on some of the numbers are an indication that the numbers were in packed decimal format ... i.e., the zeroes were actually stored in the IMAGE dataset. They can be optionally suppressed from the output.

If the STRIP0 and NOBLANKOK options had been specified, the above output would be:

If the files are FTP'd (binary, not ASCII) from the HP 3000, they could be imported into Microsoft Excel by clicking on <Data> <Get External Data> <Import Text File>. Note: we have seen Windows FTP client inject extraneous characters into files that are FTP'd from the HP 3000 with the ASCII option.